Storrie to step down as Portsmouth Chief Executive

26 Feb 2010 by Lewis Doe in News

Peter Storrie chief executive of PortsmouthPeter Storrie, Chief Executive of Portsmouth Football Club, has said that he will step down from his role with the Premier League side.

Storrie has made the decision in the light of the fact Portsmouth have gone into administration. It does not come as a surprise as it is extremely difficult to see how he could have stayed in his role at the club.

Many Portsmouth fans blame Storrie for allowing the financial disaster to happen on his watch. Storrie says he has had enough of the personal abuse and now the worst has happened, it was the right time for him to go.

He said: “Portsmouth Football Club has formally announced that it has gone into administration today and this is an extremely sad day for everyone connected with the club.”

“However, by this course of action Balram Chainrai has kept the club alive and given someone an exceptional opportunity to take this great club on with fresh investment to steer Portsmouth in a positive direction.”

“Whilst accepting as Chief Executive of Portsmouth Football Club that it was inevitable that criticism would come my way, the overall funding of the business was the responsibility of the owner.”

“What I am not prepared to accept is the very personal level of abuse on websites, emails and local radio which I have received over the last couple of days.”

“Once the sale is complete, I will tender my notice to the new owners as set out under the terms of my contract. I find it somewhat ironic that a couple of months ago my name was being chanted by the fans at a time when I seriously considered my position at the club. Yet now, because I appear to be the last one left, they are calling for my head.”

Storrie makes a very good point in relation to the fact that he has stuck through the club through thick and thin. He probably doesn’t even want to step down from the role but once the fans want you to go, there is very little you can do.

Storrie would be an asset to the next club he decides to work with and financial matters are something that he never had sole control over so for Portsmouth fans to blame him would be very ignorant.

However, they will want answers and at the moment there are few other people in place who can provide those answers as easily as Storrie can.

He added: “My decision to stand down has not been taken lightly, but I have had to take into account the views of my family who have witnessed first-hand the effect that the last 15 months has had on our lives.”

“I have really enjoyed my eight years at the club and the success we have enjoyed on the pitch: winning promotion to the Premier League and seven years in top-flight football, culminating in winning the FA Cup in 2008.”


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